Successful web & app projects: Know your goals

Apr 2020

Planning an investment in a website or app?

At Rare Earth Digital we strongly believe that all investments in computer systems should have a clear business case. 

We’ll start with a general approach you might take to evaluating any investment in your business, then look at specific examples in the areas that we specialise in, i.e. websites, intranets, internal business systems, and iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone and tablet apps. Let’s start by looking at your business goals.

Business Goals

The first question to ask is whether you have a clear idea of the goals of your business.

Some of the companies we work with have set clear goals of a capital event (e.g. stock market flotation, company sale, major third-party investment) in a defined time period.

Other companies are looking to keep running at around the same size as present and just increase their profit margins.

Still more are looking to turn a business that consumes almost all of their time into a business that can be automated more to allow them a lot more free time.

Whatever might be the case for your business, take some time to revisit your goals. If you don’t have goals, then now would be a good time to consider setting some.

If you do have goals, does everyone in your company know about them?

Information systems (e.g. websites, internal systems, smartphone apps) have a huge impact nowadays on achieving company goals, but you obviously need to align everything you do in your business with your goals if you really want to achieve them.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about how we could help transform your business and help you meet your goals, then call or drop us a line.