Do you understand what we do here at Rare Earth Digital?

May 2021

When we talk about the importance of embracing technology what does this actually mean for your business?

More sales, more profits, additional growth?

Every week we attend a networking group and have 60 seconds to describe what our business does, who it helps and who would make a good referral for us.

This got me thinking, being a “non-techy” employee in a “techy” business I have the opportunity to “keep things simple”, don’t over complicate things with the technical jargon and explain what we do in lamens terms.

I started working with the Rare Earth Digital team a few years ago.

My “pain point” as a Marketing Director was my team and I were generating 1000’s of leads for the sales teams each month. These were from affiliate leads, website leads, advertising, google ad words, recommend a friend schemes, exhibitions, retargeted campaigns, direct mail and much much more….. I was spending a healthy budget on generating these leads.



The leads went into peoples outlook mailboxes and then distributed or even printed out then distributed. I lost the ability to track any return on investment. The businesses current systems and sales cycle at the time did not support us with this important ROI feedback.

After evaluating how several teams worked I knew there would be a better online solution which everyone can use. This would enable me to track the ROI in real time and provide some management information to my senior team.

I contacted RED as we had been working with them for some time and explained the situation. Their ears pricked up and were extremely excited to work with me on this project especially as I explained I use multiple spreadsheets (which were a disaster waiting to happen).

After the initial discussion about the businesses “pain points” and RED’s “solutions” it was a no brainer – we needed a custom built CRM that integrated with our websites, affiliates and much more.

The County Workplace was born. As a top 25 UK broker they continue to add powerful features and improve the performance of this system, which is vital to the operation of the day-to-day business and the company’s ability to scale and grow at the rate it continues to.

You can read more about this project here – read more

Here at Rare Earth Digital we create custom software solutions to help businesses run more effectively and efficiently. This in turn reduces our client’s overheads and stress levels, making them a more profitable and wealthier business. We fuel your growth through great software.

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