Enabling a Top 25 UK Insurance Broker to Maximise Leads.

The County Group have a clear and strategic vision for growth of the company, and a marketing team bringing in excellent leads from multiple sources. The custom CRM system we developed was and continues to be instrumental in supporting their business objectives.


The County Group have over 300 staff across multiple offices. Keeping track and identifying which leads were resulting in sales was becoming increasingly complex and time consuming. The company’s expansion strategy of acquiring community and commercial companies also meant they needed a system which allowed these companies, once onboard, to seamlessly and instantly fit in to County’s work processes.


We built a bespoke customer relationship management (CRM) system which integrates with specialist insurance systems via a range of secure APIs. We continue to add powerful features and improve the performance of this system, which is vital to the operation of the day-to-day business and the company’s ability to scale and grow at the rate it continues to.

The Science Bit...

The base system is built on Debian Linux servers with access locked down to County’s secure office network. A bespoke PHP7 framework supports an HTML5/CSS/Javascript front-end, with the RDBMS an optimised MariaDB instance. Nightly encrypted database backups are moved off-system to a secure AWS S3 bucket.


Immediate benefit to hundreds of simultaneous users and thousands of customers alike. The system has allowed County’s staff to concentrate on leads and customer retention without the burden of everyday admin tasks.

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The County Group have worked with Rare Earth Digital for several years. From hosting our websites through to the creation and implementation of a bespoke CRM system and intranet. The CRM has been an invaluable tool for our sales staff as all website leads are filtered into the system allowing real time tracking and reporting.
Mark Hallam, Operations Director - The County Group.