Making Cancer Screening Accessible to All.

Everything Genetic Ltd offer a cancer pre-screening process. We designed and built a cutting-edge solution to scale-up the services which allows this breakthrough technology to be available to the whole population without compromising the trust, reliability, speed or cost effectiveness of the service.


Everything Genetic works with a network of private oncologists, major healthcare trusts and health insurers such as BUPA as well as individuals. With so many parties involved in the process of handling sensitive information, security, reliability and confidentiality were placed at the heart of this project. It also needed to be quick and easy to use for both patients and staff at the same time.


We designed a custom built cutting edge online portal to securely capture all of the required data and track the progress of each patient and their test journey through the system. Reminders and nudges are built in, together with performance and exception reporting to ensure the process flows smoothly. Management information is stored in real time and data is securely stored and managed.

Security, reliability and performance was at the heart of this project. The portal was created to their specifications enabling secure ordering, reporting and allowing confidential information to be shared between key personnel.

The Science Bit...

We love working with clients like Everything Genetic because we never quite know what new opportunities are going to open up, so we have to be ready to bring new features live swiftly and safely.

We do this by using the latest secure cloud computing systems from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market leader that’s trusted by organisations from the NHS to the CIA. If you’re interested in the technical side, the core system is a React front-end paired with Node 8 Lambdas, S3 secure storage, Cognito identity management and an encrypted-at-rest Aurora database cluster.


Our ability to quickly get under the skin of the project and engage with the complexity of the genetic testing industry, allowed for a rapid exchange of ideas and information between ourselves and Everything Genetic, demonstrating our values and commitment to the client.

Our track record of delivering complex custom systems that securely collects and delivers the right information to the right people at the right time assured the client that we were a reliable partner.

Everything Genetic now have a significant edge on their competitors as they have system able to flex and scale according to their specific needs, something that would not be available with an ‘off-the-shelf’ option.

Helping to support the fantastic growth and success at EGL is a great example of what we do as a company. If you know a company that is innovative and ambitious, we’d love to talk to them.

Let's start a project together

We cannot thank the Rare Earth Digital team enough for their innovative, flexible and professional approach in helping us to adapt the portal system, and also our website.
James Price, CEO and Founder, Everything Genetic Ltd